As we begin to enter new markets and add new payment methods, we are required to have stricter rules on which cryptocurrencies are listed on CoinFalcon.

Today, we are announcing the delisting dates for a few cryptocurrencies that are not up to our standards. The markets for these cryptocurrencies have been closed, so you can no longer trade them; however, in most cases, you will have 30 days to withdraw any of the delisted cryptocurrencies listed below.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Deadline
KIN June 11, 2019
Nano June 23, 2019
Crypterium June 23, 2019
Garlicoin June 23, 2019
Storiqa June 23, 2019
DaTa eXchange June 23, 2019
ZelaaCoin June 23, 2019

You may read more about our cryptocurrency removal policy here.