GreenPower will be migrating to an Ethereum, ERC20 based token and the swap period is now until December 26th, 2020 midnight GMT. To swap to the ERC20 GRN, you will need to follow the instructions on as CoinFalcon is not able to handle the swap for you.

Important information for GRN holders on CoinFalcon:

1. October 8th 2020, UTC 8AM

The current GRN-BTC, GRN-ETH, GRN-EUR markets will close and trading of Graphene based GRN will cease.

We will label the Graphene based GRN as GreenPower Old and GRN-old in your account.

Graphene based GRN (GRN-old) deposits will be disabled.

Graphene based GRN (GRN-old) withdrawals will be restricted to the GRN swap address, grnswapaccount-grndeposit.

You will still be able to hold the Graphene based GRN (GRN-old) in your CoinFalcon account but you will need to swap by the end of the swap period.

2. October 9th 2020, UTC 8AM

ERC20 based GRN deposits and withdrawals open.

We will label the new ERC20 based GRN as GreenPower and GRN.

The ERC20 GRN will start trading on GRN/USDT

3. October 23rd 2020, UTC 8AM

GRN/BTC market opens

4. December 26th, 2020 midnight GMT

Any Graphene based GRN (GRN-old) that is still left in your CoinFalcon account will be removed and burned.