Now that the EOS mainnet is live and unlocked, you can now start depositing EOS, whether it’s  from the mainnet or from any choice of storage right into your CoinFalcon account and trade across USDT pair.

To make trading easier for you, we launched the CoinFalcon EOS Shuttle. This feature will allow you to import your EOS coins using your private keys with ease and start exchanging on CoinFalcon.

Deposits with CoinFalcon EOS Shuttle

If you have registered your Ethereum address to your EOS public key before June 2, then you can now start moving or unstaking your EOS coins and use them for a trade. Congratulations, your previously ERC-20 tokens are now free from the Ethereum blockchain and ready to be used as a real coin!

The CoinFalcon EOS Shuttle will allow you to seamlessly retrieve your EOS coins from the mainnet and securely transfer your EOS coins into your CoinFalcon account. From there, you will be able to trade it with USDT on our platform or withdraw it to your secure storage of choice. With this tool, you have the peace of mind that you have access to your coins and enjoy low trading fees while you are in our platform.

How to Use the CoinFalcon EOS Shuttle

If you have staked token, it will take at least 3 days to sweep them to CoinFalcon. Unstaked token will be swept immediately. The current fee for unstaking tokens is 0.15 EOS. These 0.15 EOS will stay staked in your account to facilitate the transfers and un-staking transactions. You can manually un-stake it at later point and spent it.

Follow these steps to deposit EOS on your account and start trading your coins:

1. Go to your dashboard and click on the deposit tab on the top navigation bar.                                              

2. Select EOS as currency and click on Import from private key

3. Enter your private key into the input and click import

4. You will see a transaction ID if your import was successful. It could take a few minutes until your deposit will appear.

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